Complete Turnkey Signal Systems

High-Speed Signal Recording Systems

Signatec has a long history of providing high-speed data recording and playback solutions. This expertise in delivering real-time systems saves customers time, and eliminates uncertainties when buying gap-free recording solutions. By providing turn-key hardware and software bundles, we provide customers with a very powerful and flexible signal recording system, while minimizing the risks of self-integrated systems.

These systems have the ability to acquire and transfer data simultaneously with no breaks in the analog record for data rates up to 2.8 GB/s continuously to data storage systems with capacities up to 192 TB.

27 GHz Wideband Signal Recording Systems

Signatec Wideband Downconverter systems feature a single RF input and 3 standard software selectable IF bandwidths, from 10 MHz to 100 MHz, or 3 optional software selectable IF bandwidths, from 10 MHz to 160 MHz. The RF signal tuning covers 100 kHz to 27 GHz to provide unparalleled real-time signal recording and analysis capability.

27 GHz Wideband Signal Recorder rugged portable based systems can provide up to 2 hours of continuous signal data recording at a maximum 14-bit 700 MSPS rate without missing any data.

27 GHz Wideband Signal Recorder rackmount based systems can provide up to 34 hours of continuous signal data recording at a maximum 14-bit 700 MSPS rate without missing any data.

Sig-Stations: High-Performance Workstation & Storage Systems

Signatec Sig-Stations are high-performance PC workstations designed specifically for integrating Signatec/GaGe advanced instruments and maximizing their operational performance.

These systems incorporate the latest in PC-based technology and utilize workstation/server class motherboards with multiple PCI Express (PCIe) bus interface options. The multiple dedicated peer design of the PCIe buses ensure that the maximum data transfer rate is achieved for multiple Signatec/GaGe instrument board operations by reducing the number of devices competing for a bus's shared bandwidth.

Sig-Station systems come with all Signatec/GaGe boards, features, and software fully tested and installed so that the user can be up and running with their system solution right out of the box. Custom system configurations can also be defined to meet specific customer applications or requirements.

SYNC1500: 1.5 GHz Clock/Trigger Driver Board

The SYNC1500 was created to allow for both high board (or channel) count synchronized A/D and D/A systems as well as increased system scalability. With the SYNC1500 card module, synchronized channel record or playback systems are no longer bound to single chassis configurations and can span multiple chassis, which allows for significantly greater I/O and processing resources versus a single chassis system.

The SYNC1500 provides clock and trigger distribution for up to 5 data acquisition and arbitrary waveform generator boards. When utilized in conjunction with the Signatec PX1500-4 for example, a system can be mechanized incorporating up to 20 channels of fully synchronized, very high-speed data acquisition.